Insight Assessment
Partner Support Program(3 months)
Personal Development Program (4 x 1 hr sessions)


“We worked with multiple techniques and topics that helped to increase my knowledge in the USA job market, upgrade my Resume, and improve my interview skills. We worked with very interesting and motivating “homework’ that helped me to identified gaps, structured my days, so important when you have so much time and you are in a foreign country.

X is a very knowledgeable professional, he possesses an exceptional ability to listen and connect with your core values need. He has always a very positive attitude, and the power to produce impressive results.

(Partner relocated from Argentina to USA)

“X’s working style is exactly what I sought: focused, credible, and pragmatic and at the same time encouraging and supportive.

She was always eager to explore different options and focused on finding solutions. To her credit, even after the official program termination, she still helped me in a few occasions where I needed some more guidance. As a result I feel I am now much better prepared to deal with the tough labour market in Switzerland...”

(Partner relocated from Greece to Switzerland)

“X has been very effective in allowing me to develop quickly good business networking when arriving in Hong Kong, she has clearly well identified and understood my needs and was a strong resource for getting the appropriate information on setting up a business in HK.”

(Partner relocated from France to Hong Kong)

“X was a wonderful consultant. Her support and encouragement has been so valuable. Working with X has been the best thing to happen for my career in years.

I feel focused, positive and more content with our move. I cannot say enough positive things about her!”

(Partner relocated from UK to USA)

Insight Assessment

Understanding the challenges that may be ahead for a Partner embarking on an international assignment can be a key part of the decision making process. The Crown Insights Program is designed to help uncover the possibilities and challenges ahead.

The one hour session will cover:

  • Preliminary investigation of field of interest;
  • Assessment of career needs and expectations as compared to the local job market;
  • Discussion of spouse/partner’s ability to work in the host location and overview of the local employment market.

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Partner Support Program (3 months)

For some Partners finding work in the host country is a necessity, but how to go about it? What if employment is not an option? Crown Consultants help Partners navigate the complexities of maintaining current professional skills and build new ones. Where employment is not an option, Consultants will guide the Partner toward new personal goals.

Customized programs may include:

  • Guidance on the creation of personal / professional networks
  • Access to employment networks
  • Coaching on resume writing and interview performance within the host country culture and norms
  • Discussion on non-employment based opportunities to build a stimulating lifestyle such as starting a business, higher education, and volunteering, personal interests.

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Personal Development Program (4 x 1 hr sessions)

Some Partners have a clear idea of the direction they want to take and a more targeted program is ideal. This program provides the platform to focus on one aspect of a professional or chosen personal goal or cover 4 different topics of importance.

*Works well with the Insight Assessment

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