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Hungary, land of thermal springs, is nestled in the heart of the continent in Central Europe. Here, in one of Europe’s oldest countries, you can find 2000-year-old Roman ruins next door to 400-year-old Turkish monuments.

Hungarian (Magyar) is the language commonly spoken throughout the country’s three regions, which include the hilly wine-growing region of Eger-Tokaj; Transdanubia, a mountainous region west of the Danube (and home to the famed K?szeg village on the Austrian border); and the prairie lands and lakes of the Alf?ld region. Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is centrally located within the three regions.

Moving to Budapest - City Skyline by night


Budapest, capital of Hungary and largest city in East Central Europe, rests comfortably on the banks of the Danube. Budapest boasts the world’s...