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Situated in North Africa and with a population of more than 80 million, Egypt is one of the most populated countries in the Middle East.

It is also arguably one of the most interesting, with a history that dates back thousands of years.

If you’re thinking of moving to Cairo, Egypt’s capital and largest city, you’ll find the streets are crowded and activity is non-stop, but you’ll see it has both a modern and an ancient feel at the same time.

When you move to Egypt you’ll find that religion plays a major part of everyday life and as you go about your activities you’ll hear the Islamic call to prayer five times a day. You’re advised to be respectful of these beliefs and act accordingly.

Moving to Cairo - Picture of Egyptian boats on the water in Cairo


Sprawling above the Nile River Delta is Cairo, the capital city and political and cultural heart of Egypt. The city (by far the biggest in Egypt) has...